Your partner is unfaithful...

Your partner is unfaithful...


...for a reason. Perhaps their assessment of your relationship is different from yours. Are you looking to settle down, while they are still 'playing the field'? On what basis do you expect them to be monogamous?

OK, so let's assume you both committed to one another and now your partner has reneged. Why would they do that? What is it that they are seeking with a third person? Which part of you are you withholding from your partner?

As your relationship goes through its independent phase, to some extent each of you feels the need to strike out on your own. This can manifest in many ways, but usually involves withdrawal or separation. Sometimes one person will take a position in the hope of having their partner come over to their point of view. Sometimes one person will seem to be dominant in the relationship, while the other will be quietly manipulating the situation to their own advantage.

This is a time for true honesty. Ask yourself, "If I were to know, how do I benefit from my partner's infidelity?"

Trust the answer that pops into your head. If it surprises you, recognise your subconscious awareness!