Your partner is insensitive...

Your partner is insensitive...


...for a reason. First off, how do they know of your needs? Do you discuss them? How aware are you of their needs? Many people wrongly assume their partner is gifted with telepathy!

OK, so you've made your needs abundantly clear to your partner and they still don't respond as you would like. What is it you expect from your relationship? Is it really about getting your needs met? If so, both of you are likely to be disappointed.

Successful relationships are based on sharing. This suggests giving rather than taking. You might find it helpful to consider three 'R's of relationship: Receiving, Rapport & Responding.

In seeking to have your needs taken care of, are you making demands of your partner? Few of us respond cheerfully to demands. Instead of focusing on your own needs, think about the best ways you can support your partner. Discuss this together, remembering that it's not a trading situation. If you give in order to get you'll be disappointed.

Give because you choose to, without expecting anything in return and you'll be pleasantly surprised!