Your partner is selfish...

Your partner is selfish...


...for a reason. Why are they are always putting their interests before yours? How aware are they of your interests?

As your relationship develops, it's very likely that each of you will strike out for a certain amount of independence. The more one person tries to curtail the freedom of the other, the more independent that person may become.

You may think you do not aspire to do your own thing, preferring to do things together, but look closely and you may discover that what you really want is for your partner to take up your own interests. Is this reasonable? To what extent do you feel capable of taking up your partner's interests?

Compromising here may not work. Both of you may end up pretending to enjoy things that really don't interest you. On the other hand, you'll never know until you try. People are often surprised to discover how much fun they can have doing something entirely foreign to them.

What will work is for you each to respect the other's interests, trust one another and indulge in your own interests, sharing all that appeals to both of you.