Your partner is more interested in other things

Your partner is more interested in other things...


...for a reason. It used not be so. When you first met, were you not one another's top priority? As time goes by, it's easy to take one another for granted. Demands from you for more attention will fall on deaf ears.

We also change. Since you met, it's quite likely that each of you will have developed your own particular interests and sometimes these can become overwhelming.

However, let's pretend that you are still just as interested in your partner as you were at the start of your relationship and it is they who seem to have lost interest. Why might that be?

One possibility is that they have adopted an independent position in the relationship, while you have taken on a dependent role. They may then behave as though you have little importance in their life, while your world revolves around them. You will find it difficult to understand their behaviour and perhaps feel rejected and deeply hurt.

As you take the initiative to become less dependent, they will return to you. Independent people see dependent partners as a problem, for they fear getting bogged down in their needs. So recognise your own strengths and live your life for you. Resist any temptation to go into competition with your partner, for this is not the route to happiness.

Of course, if you want to save yourself a whole lot of trouble, you could always make a direct move towards interdependence ~ the ideal state of any relationship, where you each share, respect, enjoy and look out for one another.

Another reason why they might be preoccupied with other people and other interests is because you have ceased to value their company. When did you last surprise your partner? When did you last make them feel the most important person in your life? To you this may seem obvious, but unless you have demonstrated it in ways they understand, your partner may have no idea how you feel.