To earn more money

To earn more money...


Did you know that more people fear success than failure? This is the finding of leading psychologist Dr Chuck Spezzano, who runs business workshops all over the world.

Consciously, everyone chooses to be successful, but subconsciously, many of us fear the consequences we anticipate. Typical beliefs include:

  • "If I am successful, I shall be burdened with massive responsibility."
  • "If I have more, others will have less."
  • "Who do I think I am to be successful?"
  • "Money is the root of all evil."

Our subconscious belief patterns get in the way of our conscious choices. It's easy to believe you're a victim of circumstance, having no influence over your income. In truth, your earnings, in line with everything else in your life, reflect your deepest choices. If you really choose to earn more, first value yourself, then address any underlying beliefs standing between you and money.

Be aware however, that money is only one measure of your success. You may like to consider the relative value of other aspects such as achievement, time, contentment, freedom, recognition and self-actualisation.