I am overworked

I am overworked


How has this situation arisen? Have you taken on additional responsibilities? Has a temporary situation become more permanent?

What stops you explaining your predicament to your employer? Or are you your own employer?

The most stressful situation in which to find yourself is with no apparent escape route from too many responsibilities. You owe it to yourself to change this situation - before your health is adversely affected.

If you are self employed, you can take full responsibility for your situation. For a start, there will be aspects of what you do that contribute greatly to your business success and others that have much less impact. (Typically, 80% of your revenue will be generated from 20% of your effort.) Prioritise all the different calls on your time and either decide to ditch the least important ones, or delegate them to others. Be ruthless on yourself. If you cannot decide what is relatively unimportant, ask a colleague or close friend to help you objectively.

Most self employed people are passionate about their work and take on far too much. If this is you, recognise that not only do you suffer from your own over-enthusiasm, but all those around you do too. Make room for family and friends. It will help you keep a healthy perspective on your work and contribute to other people's welbeing too.

Ask yourself some direct questions:

"Am I prepared to go on working as I am?"

"For how long can I keep this up?"

"Who else might be able to share my load?"

"What would happen if I was on extended sick leave?"

"How are my work commitments affecting my health, family, friendships, etc.?"

And here's the crucial question:

"By working this hard, what am I trying to prove?"

Consider this carefully. Think back to when you first accepted more work. Be honest! Most of us are accomplices in any exploitation, so we have to take at least some responsibility for it.

Use your creativity to work out a more appropriate work/life balance. Develop a proposal for your employer. Insist on a realistic work schedule. The law is on your side.