Others do not respect me

Others do not respect me


Who do you respect?

How does this come about? We observe others doing something we admire, in a way that we admire, even though we might not agree with what they are doing, or the way in which they are doing it. It comes down to integrity, does it not?

Respect is earned. How are you going about earning the respect you would like others to have for you?

Here are some elements that you may like to consider, which contribute to respect:

  • Consistency - treating everyone else with respect
  • Example - behaving as you would like others to behave
  • Courtesy - extending thoughtfulness to those around you
  • Confidentiality - keeping others' private matters that way
  • Dedication - applying yourself 100%
  • Determination - overcoming obstacles
  • Open-mindedness - respecting others' points of view
  • Fairness - being seen to be even-handed
  • Ethical - honest and open in all your dealings

How could anyone fail to respect someone who exhibited these qualities?