No longer fulfilled or interested

No longer fulfilled or interested


When this is true it's probably time for a change, but before leaving your current employment, it may be worth investigating whether there are other opportunities within the organisation. For example, could you pass on your skills and experience to another? This can be extremely fulfilling.

Is there an opening that offers greater challenges, or in a different department with fresh opportunities?

Why has your current position ceased to excite you? How much are you investing in your current work? The more you put in, the more you will get out. Complacency is never truly rewarding.

It's usually easier to list things we don't like, rather than define what we do, so before leaving your current employment, you may like to give serious thought to your alternatives. Here are some starters for ten:

  1. What motivates me most? (Challenge, creativity, achievement, risk, etc.)
  2. Do I prefer constancy or variety?
  3. Do I value security or excitement the most?
  4. Am I a team player or a loner at work?
  5. Do I choose to work for myself or as an employee?
  6. How long do I wish to work?
  7. How hard do I wish to work?
  8. How well rewarded do I choose to be?
  9. What is my dream job?
  10. What would stop me going for it?

Use this as the basis for developing your strategy for change. Discuss your ideas with those you trust. Take heed of others' objectivity, but never allow it to snuff out your dreams. Allow your dreams to become your reality through choice, faith and grace.