Work is no longer personally rewarding

Work is no longer personally rewarding


It's time to take responsibility for what happens in your life.

If, for example, you get satisfaction from growing your own food, then acknowledge that and consider how you might reorganise your life to spend more time doing what makes you happy. Nobody said you couldn't bring your business expertise to bear on something that you really enjoy doing! (And there's growing demand for quality produce.)

It's about this time that we usually get scared when considering radical alternatives to our current lifestyle. We all tend to resist change, especially to long-established patterns - even when we can see the benefits of doing so. (Why else would anyone smoke?) We fear the unknown and most of us have little experience of what's on offer here...

So what IS on offer?

Time - the time you always wanted to pursue your dreams.

Peace - inner peace, enjoyed in the absence of stress, unrealistic deadlines, worry and busy-ness.

Love - for and from the people in your life, when you make them more important than anything else.

Success - based on new criteria arising from looking at your world from a clearer perspective.

So what would you have to give up?

Possibly the job you dislike - and the salary that goes with it, although you might find that you like the same job a whole lot more when approaching it in a different way. Such a shift of emphasis can fundamentally alter a job, a relationship, anything!

However, let's assume you give up your salary - and your company car and all the other perks of the job. Then you'll not be able to maintain your present lifestyle, right? (Which was what you said you wanted to change in the first place.)

But you wanted things to get better, not worse! Well let's look at what you've now got...

Could it be that without the all-consuming, dreary job, you're now free to pursue your dream? How much do you really need to live on?

Food, heat, shelter, clothing... make a list, with essential expenditure alongside. Compared with your current outgoings, it's not too much, is it?

Even doing something significantly less remunerative, there's not much risk of you failing to support yourself, is there? Such a radical change to your working life could be truly rewarding.