Insufficient challenge or recognition

Insufficient challenge or recognition


Can you discover new meaning in your present line of work?

There are many reasons why people get fed up with their job, each requiring a different approach. In the end though, it usually comes down to stress, lack of appreciation or lack of creativity or challenge.

The chances are that you're under pressure to achieve more, in less time, with fewer resources. It's a common story and it leads to burn-out. Wise employers realise this, but, faced with critical financial constraints, few know what to do about it.

YOU could make a crucial difference here.

Think about all the people with whom you work. How many of them are happy? Could you devote a little more time to them? If other people interest you, you may find that with appreciation and personal encouragement from you they will prove willing and able to take on some of the tasks in which you have lost interest. Could you can help with some of their challenges, or take these on yourself? There are many ways you can involve others in your work - most importantly by taking a genuine interest in them. It will take time and require understanding from your employer; it may test your patience, but in the end, it can be most rewarding.

Of course, everyone's situation is different and you may not be in a position to do this.

The fundamental requirement of any re-evaluation exercise is total honesty. Sometimes we're most adept at pulling the wool over our own eyes! Once we 'get real' about what we want, what we can offer, what scares us and what really makes us happy, it's much easier to decide upon a course of action to achieve our goals.